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Plumbers install and maintain pipes for water, drainage, irrigation, and sewage in our homes and businesses. In addition, plumbers are expected to know how to cut, fit, measure, and thread pipes for new construction. Special gauges are used to check pipes for leakage and proper function. Plumbers can work hands-on with the installation process or within the designing parameters, drafting blueprints and ensuring a more efficient layout. Plumbing offers many different career paths; this in turn offers a greater chance of acquiring a niche within this profession for higher pay due to less competition. Because plumbing is an ongoing necessity, there will always be job security with this profession. Anywhere that has or needs to have running water is an opportunity for potential customers.

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It’s been recorded that once plumbers obtain their license, they generally stick to their profession their entire working career. Some plumbers become self-employed and it’s not uncommon for them to work well after retirement age. Union plumbers work more on the industrial and commercial platforms; some work alongside architects during the planning process aiding in the placement of fixtures to help save time, promote safety, and avoid costly mistakes. There are strict laws pertaining to building regulations to ensure the highest safety standards are upheld. 

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